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After reading the entire The Art of SEO book, a fresh SEO practitioner may have been exposed to all or any areas of the art of SEO and may have laid the necessary groundwork for beginning to produce his SEO expertise.

The Art of SEO book before you is made to be described as a complete and thorough education on search engine optimization for SEO practitioners at all levels. The Art of SEO book was inspired to produce it because we’ve not previously seen a thorough work on the main topic of SEO and we believe it is quite definitely needed in our industry. Our goal has been to greatly help simplify a very complex, layered topic and to produce it easier for folks to understand, as well as to produce it easier to concentrate on the most crucial areas of SEO for individual businesses.

As a group we’ve over 30 years experience focusing on SEO projects. Which means that we have seen how SEO works over a comparatively long time period, across tens of thousands of different web sites. Any among us may have written this book individually but we unearthed that by working together we’ve been able to produce something of much greater value for you, the SEO artist.

Objective of  The Art of SEO Book

People that are associated with SEO at any level must look into this The Art of SEO book invaluable. This includes web developers, development managers, marketing people, and key business personnel. If SEO is not your profession, then this book may serve primarily as a reference. However, if you should be or want to become an SEO practitioner, you will more than likely want to see it from cover to cover.

A skilled SEO veteran will find this volume useful as an extensive reference to support ongoing SEO engagements, both internally, inside an in-house SEO group or SEO consultancy, and externally, with SEO clients. Finally, the book will serve as a refresher course for working SEO practitioners, from the novice to the professional.