Stunning CSS3 – A Project Based Guide ToThe Latest In CSS

stunning css3
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Table Of Contents

The CSS3 Lowdown
What is CSS3
Overview of What’s New
Where CSS3 Stand
Use CSS3 Now
The State of Browser Support
Browser Market Share
How the Major Players Stack Up.
Progressive Enhancement.
Let Me Put it This Way
Benefits of CSS3.
Increased Page Performanc
Better Search Engine Placemen
Increased Usability and Accessibility
Staying at the Front of the Pack. .
Case Study: The Highway Safety Resea
Before CSS3
After CSS3
Using CSS3 Wise
Browser Prefixes .
Dealing with Non-supporting Browser
Filtering IE with Conditional Comments.
Dealing with Unsupportive Clients or Bosses
Don’t Tell Them Everything
Educate Them About Progressive Enhancement
Manage Expectations from Design Mockups
CHAP TER 2 Speech Bubbles
Corralling Long Text
Graphic Effects Sans Graphic
Rounding the Corners.
Adding the Bubble’s Tai
Semitransparent Backgrounds with RGBA
Image-free Gradients. .
Image-free Drop Shado
Image-free Text Shadows
Transforming the Avatars
What are Transforms?
Rotating the Avatars
CHAP TER 3 Notebook Paper
Beyond the Basic Background
Scaling the Background Image. .
Multiple Background Images
One Element.
Adding a Graphic Border. .
Adding a Drop Shadow
Embedding Unique Fonts.
What is @font-face? .
Choosing Acceptable Fonts
Browser Support .
Converting Fonts.
Using @font-fac
The Finished Page .
CHAP TER 4 Styling Images and Links by Type
The Base Page.
What are Attribute Selectors?.
Indicating File Types with Dynamically Ad
Alternative Icon Ideas. .
Styling Full-size Photos and Thumbna
The Trouble with Classes
Using Attribute Selectors to Target by Type .
The Finished Pag
CHAP TER 5 Improving Efficiency Using Pseudo-classes
New Structural Pseudo-classes. .
Back to the Speech Bubbles: Alternat
Back to the Photos: Random Rotation
Dynamically Highlighting Page Sections
The :targetPseudo-class .
Adding the Table of Contents .
Changing Background Color on
Jumped-to Section
Animating the Change with Pure CSS
CHAP TER 6 Different Screen Size, Different Design
The Base Page
What are Media Queries? .
Changing the Layout for Large Screen
From Horizontal Nav Bar to Vertical Menu.
Multi-column Text
Changing the Layout for Small Screens
Changing the Layout for Mobile Devices
What is Device Width?.
The Third Media Query
Improving the Look on High-resolut
The Viewport meta Tag.
Workarounds for Non-supporting Browsers.
The Finished Page
CHAP TER 7 Flexing Your Layout Muscles
Changes on the Horizon.
Creating Multi-column Layouts Witho
Floats or Positioning.
Making Blocks Flex . .
Adding Columns .
Reordering Columns. .
Equal-height Columns.
Vertical and Horizontal Centering
Reality Check: What Works Now. .
Flexible Form Layout. .
Sticky Footers.
Alternatives to the Flexible Box Model
The box-sizingProperty
Future Layout Systems.
APPENDIX A Browser Support