Simulation Technologies in Networking and Communications – Selecting Best Tool

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Table Of Contents 6

Chapter 1 Analysis and Simulation of Computer Networks with Unlimited Buffers22

Chapter 2 Computer Networks with Finite Buffers: Beyond Jackson’s Theorem50

Chapter 3 Superefficient Monte Carlo Simulations88

Chapter 4 High-Performance Tool for the Test of Long-Memory and Self-Similarity112

Chapter 5 Cluster-Oriented Emulation Tool for Performance Evaluation of Very Large-Scale Networking Scenarios134

Chapter 6 Fractal Traffic Modeling Applied in Network Simulation168

Chapter 7 Tutorial on Random Number Generators in Discrete Event Simulators200

Chapter 8 Accurate and Reliable Simulation Framework for Mobile Computing Systems Using Stochastic Differential Equations232

Chapter 9 How to Simulate and Evaluate Multicast Routing Algorithms248

Chapter 10 Statistical Simulation of Multipath Fading Channels for Mobile Wireless Digital Communication Systems284

Chapter 11 Simulation Tools for Cloud Computing330

Chapter 12 Simulation Tools for Broadband Passive Optical Network356

Chapter 13 Simulation Tools for the Evaluation of Radio Interface Technologies384

Chapter 14 Enhancing Simulation Environments with TRAFIL410

Chapter 15 Comparison of Non-Probing-Based Routing Metrics for Static Multihop436

Chapter 16 Performance Evaluation of Flooding Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks452

Chapter 17 Wireless Sensor Network Simulations Using Castalia and a Data-Centric478

Chapter 18 Recent Developments in Simulation Tools for WSNs: An Analytical Study514

Chapter 19 Implementation and Performance Analysis of EM-Based Underwater Sensor538

Chapter 20 Simulation of Communications and Networking in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks566

Chapter 21 Performance Evaluation of Realistic Vehicular Networks: A MAC Layer590

Chapter 22 Modeling and Simulation of Vehicular Networks: Network Simulators614