SignalR Programming in Microsoft ASP NET Book

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SignalR, Microsoft’s latest addition to the web development technology stack, is a construction that facilitates the creation of amazing real-time applications, such as for instance online collaboration tools, multiuser games, and live information services, whose development has traditionally been quite complex.

This book provides a complete walkthrough of SignalR development from scratch, but it will even deal with increased advanced topics. The theory is that after reading it you will be acquainted with the possibilities of the framework and able to utilize it successfully in practice in the creation of realtime systems of any size. It may also be used as a reference manual because, while not exhaustively, it includes most top features of practical application in the development of SignalR systems, and it provides the bases for fully mastering them.

Who Should Read ASP.NET Book

The aim of the book is to help developers understand, know, and program SignalR based components or applications. It could be of special interest to developers who need to take advantage of real-time immediacy in existing applications or who wish to create new systems based with this paradigm.

Developers devoted to the trunk end will figure out how to implement real-time services that can be consumed from any client and to address scenarios such as for instance those requiring scalability or quality improvement via unit tests. Those people who are more oriented to the leading end will dsicover how they could consume real-time services and add spectacular features for their creations on the client side. Web developers, especially, will see a really simple way to break the limitations characteristic of the HTTP based world, because of the use of push and the asynchrony of the solutions.