Python Algorithms 2nd Edition Book

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Python Algorithms 2nd Edition

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Programming isn’t just about software architecture and object-oriented design; it’s also about solving algorithmic problems, some of which are really hard. For the more run-of-the-mill problems (such as finding the shortest path from A to B), the algorithm you use or design can have a huge impact on the time your code takes to finish, and for the hard problems (such as finding the shortest route through A–Z), there may not even bean efficient algorithm, meaning that you need to accept approximate solutions.
This book will teach you several well-known algorithms, along with general principles that will help you create your own. Ideally, this will let you solve some of the more challenging problems out there, as well as create programs that scale gracefully with problem size. In the next chapter, we get started with the basic concepts of algorithmics, dealing with terms that will be used throughout the entire Python Algorithms 2nd Edition book.