Programming Google Glass The Mirror API Book

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Programming Google Glass The Mirror API

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This API book is about programming Google Glass by using the Mirror API, but there’s more information to know beyond the technicals of one API. We start with an overview of the Glass environment in Chapter 1, Wrapping Your Head Around Glass, From there we set up our development and deployment environments, The Google App Engine PaaS and follow the OAuth 2.0 steps, Authorizing Your Glassware.
The middle of the book digs into the actual Mirror API, Building the Timeline, Tracking Movement and User Responses, Making Glass Social. We wrap up the book with an eye on design, Designing for Glass and a look at basing Glassware on a web app, Turning a Web App to Glass.
This book is intended to be read linearly, from the first to last chapter. It does cover most of the Mirror API, but it’s not designed to be a reference book. However, there is a reference in Appendix 1, HTTP and HTML Resources.