Programming ASP NET MVC 4

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The web application landscape is vast and varied. Microsoft’s ASP.NET Framework built on the top of mature and robust .NET Framework is one of the very most trusted platforms in the industry. ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s latest addition to the planet of ASP.NET providing web developers with an alternative development approach that helps you build web applications with ease.

The main goal of this ASP NET MVC 4 book is simple to allow you to build a complete comprehension of the ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework from the floor up. However, it doesn’t stop there the book combines fundamental ASP.NET MVC concepts with real-world insight, modern web technologies such as for instance HTML 5 and the jQuery JavaScript Framework and powerful architecture patterns so that you’re ready to produce not just a website that uses the ASP.NET MVC Framework, but a reliable and scalable web application that is simple to develop and maintain along with your expanding needs.

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

It is a web application development framework built along with Microsoft’s popular and mature .NET Framework. The ASP.NET MVC Framework leans heavily on proven developmental patterns and practices that place an emphasis on a loosely coupled application architecture and highly maintainable code.

In this ASP NET MVC 4 book take a consider the fundamentals of why is ASP.NET MVC tick from its proud lineage and the architectural concepts which it is made, to the usage of Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 to make a fully functioning ASP.NET MVC web application. Then we’ll dive in to the ASP.NET MVC web application project and see just what ASP.NET MVC provides you with right from the start, including a working web page and built-in forms authentication to allow users to join up and log in to your site.

Only have working ASP.NET MVC web application but also enough comprehension of the fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC to begin building applications with it immediately. The rest with this book simply builds on these fundamentals, showing you how to take advantage of the ASP.NET MVC Framework in any web application.