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Although we are providing examples of CSS code to show techniques and subjects we are covering, they are not to show the latest selectors or properties, but rather to show how to format, comment, and model your code to help keep it sane and follow best practices in your processes. To that particular end, this book is about the whole team around it is about the developer and should be of value to all of its members.

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Pro CSS book help anyone working on a higher traffic website. This really is any website expecting upward of 10,000 unique visitors each day, or with occasional spikes of traffic more than this amount.

Pro CSS book help anyone working on a huge website one with perhaps upward of 2,000 individual pages or with over 30 mints.

Pro CSS book help anyone working on websites in companies with large levels of staff modifying the same codebase, with upward of 30 developers working on the CSS.

Pro CSS book help anyone doing work for a business with the ability to develop into a huge company and wanting to create an excellent basis for its web development processes.

Pro CSS book help developers without previous connection with in large teams.

Pro CSS book is not about using the latest and flashiest processes for image replacement or cross-browser rounded corners; rather, it’s focused on making it simple for newcomers to teams to easily comprehend and enhance existing code and for CSS within your infrastructure to be viewed from the outset and integrated a sane and perform ant manner. Although this book is directed at both beginners and experts alike, we assume that you are comfortable using HTML and CSS, or have reached least familiar using their syntax. I will be discussing the use of modular, reusable code that is both robust and practical through the chapters in Pro CSS book.