PHP 5 Recipes Book – A Problem Solution Approach

PHP 5 Recipes
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Table Of Contents

■CHAPTER 1 Overview of PHP Data Types and Concepts
■CHAPTER 2 Overview of Classes, Objects, and Interfaces
■CHAPTER 3 Performing Math Operations
■CHAPTER 4 Working with Arrays
■CHAPTER 5 Working with Dates and Times
■CHAPTER 6 Working with Strings
■CHAPTER 7 Working with Files and Directories
■CHAPTER 8 Working with Dynamic Imaging
■CHAPTER 9 Using Regular Expressions
■CHAPTER 10 Working with Variables
■CHAPTER 11 Using Functions
■CHAPTER 12 Understanding Web Basics
■CHAPTER 13 Creating and Using Forms
■CHAPTER 14 Working with Markup
■CHAPTER 15 Using MySQL Databases in PHP 5
■CHAPTER 16 Communicating with Internet Services