Microsoft Visual Basic 2013 Step By Step Book

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Microsoft Visual Basic 2013 is an essential upgrade and enhancement of the popular Visual Basic programming language and compiler, a technology that enjoys an installed base of an incredible number of programmers worldwide. Visual Basic 2013 is not a standalone product but a key component of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 a comprehensive development system that lets you create powerful applications for Microsoft Windows 8.1, the Windows desktop, the web, Windows Phone 8 and a number of other environments.

This Microsoft Visual Basic 2013 book is really a step-by-step programming tutorial for readers who enjoy learning how to do new things by doing them. My assumption is that you already possess some experience with programming, possibly even an early on version of Visual Basic, and that you’re ready to learn about the Visual Studio 2013 product in the context of building applications that you can market in the Windows Store, Windows Forms (Windows desktop) for personal and enterprise purposes, web (ASP.NET) applications that run in browsers, and apps for the Windows Phone 8 platforms.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2013 Book’s Content

This Microsoft Visual Basic 2013 book’s content will supply you with concrete Visual Basic coding techniques as well as a broad breakdown of programming strategies suitable for Visual Basic development. The book’s extensive assortment of step-by-step exercises has a broad focus; they’re written for technical people who understand programming and are not merely targeted toward hobbyists or absolute beginners. Additionally, you will learn about the capabilities of the Windows 8.1 operating-system and the particular design guidelines that Microsoft recommends for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 applications.