Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cook Book

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This book is for Dynamics GP users and Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and is primarily a basic knowledge of business management systems and basic familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Most of these recipes are real-world tested and built to be used immediately.

What Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook covers

Personalizing Dynamics GP, includes recipes built to improve the usefulness

New in Dynamics GP 2013, includes recipes demonstrating a few of the key new features of Dynamics GP 2013 from the Financial and Supply Chain Management series.

Organizing Dynamics GP, includes recipes that are designed to help administrators. Automating Dynamics automation, and are designed to be time savers over the system. Harnessing the Power of Smart Lists includes recipes to harness the ability of Dynamics GP’s adhoc reporting tool and methods to leverage the reporting power of Smart Lists. Includes recipes that help to in Dynamics GP.

Exposing Hidden Features in Dynamics GP, includes recipes on techniques which can be often well-known to consultants but missed by users. It has hidden settings that could help save a lot of time. Improving Dynamics GP with Hacks includes recipes that are accustomed to hack existing features in Dynamics GP in order to improve.

Preventing Errors in Dynamics GP includes recipes for administrators and users managed to make it to the general ledger. Maintaining Dynamics GP includes recipes for an administrator or power user to simply help maintain Dynamics GP.

Extending Dynamics GP with the Support Debugging Tool includes recipes Dynamics GP. Extending Dynamics GP Professional Services Tools Library includes recipes which use PSTL to ease company and data setup and to change data in a current Dynamics GP implementation.