Microsoft Access 2003 Macros Training

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Microsoft Access 2003 Macros Training Book is made to be used in a classroom environment. You can find eight sections, each with their own set of objectives. The book supplies a detail by detail guide for each new topic with a quick introduction. You can find often extra tips and information shown with reference tables which students may use after the course.

It is recommended that you’ve undertaken the Access 2002 Advanced course and experienced adequate practice of the activities covered in the course OR have an excellent understanding of the Advanced Skills of Access.

The Macros course was created for folks who are looking to create and develop ‘front end’ applications in Access using Macros. A Macro is really a method of programming Access to perform repetitive tasks automatically. Macros can be utilized to open forms, maximise them and produce welcome messages or may do complex calculations and controls on selected data.

Microsoft Access 2003 Objectives for the Access Macros Course

Considering Macro Concepts

Creating Macros

Running Macros

Using Auto Keys

Conditional Macros

Event Procedures

Splash Screens

Main Switchboard