Mastering Dojo Book – JavaScript and Ajax Tools For Web Experiences

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This books is Free to download. "Mastering Dojo Book – JavaScript and Ajax Tools For Web Experiences book" is available in PDF Formate. Learn from this free book and enhance your skills ...
Mastering Dojo

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Dojo is a set of tools that helps you build better browser-based applica-tions. Dojo is built mostly using client-side JavaScript, and it expands the capabilities of the modern browser (and even Internet Explorer) far enough that the line between local, native applications and browser-based applications has all but disappeared.
This is a pretty significant statement. It means that browser -based (and, therefore, web-based) user interfaces can be made indistinguish-able from those included with the best local, native applications. And it means that the user interface of local applications can be implemented in the browser rather than through one of the heavy, platform-sensitive and complex native GUI frameworks (Windows, Tk, Qt, Fox, AWT, SWT,
Swing, Cocoa, and the rest).