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This books is Free to download. "HTML5 and JavaScript Projects Book book" is available in PDF Formate. Learn from this free book and enhance your skills ...
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This book consists of ten chapters, each organized around an application or type of application. You can skip around. However, it probably makes sense to read Chapter 4 before 5 or 6. Also, the PHP server-side language is used in a simple way in Chapter 6 and then more fully in Chapter 10. Other cross-references are indicated in the text. Each chapter starts with an introduction to the application, with screenshots of the applications in use.
In several cases, the differences between browsers are shown. The chapters continue with a discussion of the critical requirements, where concepts are introduced before diving into the technical details. The next sections describe how the requirements are satisfied, with specific constructs in HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and/or SQL and with standard programming techniques. I then show the application coding line by line with comments. Each chapter ends with instructions and tips for testing and uploading the application to a server, and a summary of what you learned.