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Table Of Contents

Part I: Understanding (X)HTML
Chapter 1: Introducing the Web and HTML
Chapter 2: What Goes Into a Web Page?
Chapter 3: Starting Your Web Page
Part II: HTML/XHTML Authoring Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Lines, Line Breaks, and Paragraphs
Chapter 5: Lists.
Chapter 6: Images
Chapter 7: Links.
Chapter 8: Text
Chapter 9: Special Characters
Chapter 10: Tables.
Chapter 11: Page Layout with Tables.
Chapter 12: Frames
Chapter 13: Forms.
Chapter 14: Multimedia
Chapter 15: Scripts.
Part III: Controlling Presentation with CSS
Chapter 16: Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
Chapter 17: Creating Style Rules.
Chapter 18: Fonts
Chapter 19: Text Formatting.
Chapter 20: Padding, Margins, and Borders
Chapter 21: Colors and Backgrounds
Chapter 22: Tables.
Chapter 23: Element Positioning.
Chapter 24: Defining Pages for Printing
Part IV: Advanced Web Authoring.
Chapter 25: JavaScript.
Chapter 26: Dynamic DHTML
Chapter 27: Dynamic HTML with CSS
Chapter 28: Introduction to Server-Side Scripting
Chapter 29: Introduction to Database-Driven Web Publishing
Chapter 30: Creating a Weblog.
Chapter 31: Introduction to XML.
Chapter 32: XML Processing and Implementations.
Part V: Testing, Publishing, and Maintaining Your Site
Chapter 33: Testing and Validating Your Documents.
Chapter 34: Web Development Software.
Chapter 35: Choosing a Service Provider.
Chapter 36: Uploading Your Site with FTP
Chapter 37: Publicizing Your Site and Building Your Audience.
Chapter 38: Maintaining Your Site
Part VI: Principles of Professional Web Design and Development
Chapter 39: The Web Development Process
Chapter 40: Developing and Structuring Content.
Chapter 41: Designing for Usability and Accessibility
Chapter 42: Designing for an International Audience.
Chapter 43: Security
Chapter 44: Privacy
Part VII: Appendixes.
Appendix A: HTML 4.01 Elements
Appendix B: CSS Properties