Head First Microsoft Excel

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Here you are attempting to learn something while here your brain is performing you a favour by making sure the learning doesn’t stick. Your brain’s thinking, “Better leave room for more considerations, like which wild animals in order to avoid and whether naked snowboarding is just a bad idea.” So how will you trick your brain into thinking that your life depends on knowing spreadsheets?

Head First Excel

Head First Excel is awesome! Like other Head First books, it’s a very approachable mixture of knowledge, business situations and humour. Not only do you learn all you need to know about Excel, but additionally you get to learn some real business lingo and smarts as well. Need to generate formulas? Need to make reports, charts, or pivot tables? Here is the book for you. Head First Excel provides you with items and can help you excel at Excel!”

Can you use Excel to keep lists and calculate the casual budget? Would you prefer to dive deeper and learn how Excel can offer you a benefit in your daily workflow? Unlock your Excel superpowers with Michael Milton’s Head First Excel. You’ll learn to generate data visualizations and design spreadsheets that produce your point and get you noticed. Discover how to easily audit complex formulas compiled by others, in order to quickly validate their calculations. Build models that optimize your organization and/or finances centered on all possible scenarios.