Foundations Of Python Network Programming 2nd Edition Book

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Foundations of Python Network Programming 2nd Edition

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This book assumes that you know how to program in Python, but does not assume that you know anything about networking. If you have used something like a web browser before, and are vaguely aware that your computer talks toother computers in order to display web pages, then you should be ready to start reading this book.
This book targets Python versions 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7, and in the text I have tried to note any differences that you will encounter between these three versions of Python when writing network code. As of this writing, the Python 2 series is still the workaday version of the language for programmers who use Python in production. In fact, the pinnacle of that line of language development—Python 2.7—was released just a few months ago, and a second bugfix release is now in testing. Interest in the futuristic Python 3 version of the language is still mostly limited to framework authors and library maintainers, as they embark on the community’s several-year effort to port our code over to the new version of the language.