Beginning Java EE6 With Glass Fish3 2nd Edition

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Beginning Java book is not meant to be a thorough reference on Java EE 6. It concentrates on the most important specifications and highlights the new features of the release. The structure of the book follows the architecture layering of a credit card applicatoin

Beginning Java EE 6 Book Structured

Chapter 1 briefly presents Java EE 6 essentials and the tools used through the entire book (JDK, Maven, JUnit, Derby, and Glass Fish).

The persistent tier is described from Chapter 2 to Chapter 5 and centers on JPA 2.0. After a general overview with some hands-on examples in Chapter 2, Chapter 3 dives into object-relational mapping (mapping attributes, relationships, and inheritance).

Chapter 4 teaches you how to handle and query entities, while Chapter 5 presents their lifecycle, call back methods, and listeners.

To develop a transaction business logic layer with Java EE 6, you are able to naturally use EJBs. This will be described from Chapter 6 to Chapter 9. After an overview of the specification, its history, and a hands-on example in Chapter 6, Chapter 7 will pay attention to session beans and their programming model, in addition to the new timer service.

Chapter 8 centers on the life span cycle of EJBs and interceptors, while Chapter 9 explains transactions and security.

From Chapter 10 to Chapter 12, you’ll learn how to develop a speech layer with JSF 2.0. After an overview of the specification in Chapter 10, Chapter 11 will focus on the best way to build a web page with JSF and Face lets components.

Chapter 12 will reveal just how to communicate with an EJB back end and navigate through pages. Finally, the past chapters will present various ways to interoperate with other systems.

Chapter 13 will reveal how to exchange asynchronous messages with Java Message Service (JMS) and Message-Driven Beans (MDBs).

Chapter 14 focuses on SOAP web services, while Chapter 15 covers REST full web services.

Beginning Java EE 6 With Glassfish 3 2nd Edition Examples

The examples found in this book are created to be compiled with the JDK 1.6, deployed to the Glass Fish V3 application server, and stored in Derby. Chapter 1 teaches you how to set up all these applications and each chapter explains how to build, deploy, run, and test components depending on the technology used.