ASP NET Web API Succinctly

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ASP NET Web API book is the overview of Microsoft ASP.NET Web API technology. A new framework is part of the Microsoft’s web stack born HTTP services. This is basic book, introduction to ASP NET Web API ideas and how to apply these information using ASP.NET Web API.

ASP NET Web API book has a practical approach and there will be lots of code examples to demonstrate how certain concepts should be apply. ASP NET Web API is also very simple book. Simplicity is the actual strength of the framework, since do not need to have deeper familiarity of HTTP to start using it.

It can define Representational State Transfer (REST) as an architectural style. The grow of REST in the previous few years is tied to the API design that most web applications offer to expand their functionalities. Yet if it is not tied to HTTP, REST is in general associated with web applications. HTTP happens to in shape well with the REST principles.

The principles of the REST are Uniform Interface, Stateless, Cacheable, Client-Server, Layered System and Code on Demand. This book is a short introduction to REST architecture. What you need to understand is the fundamental principle and a general picture of the REST application.

In this book ASP.NET Web API helps in building web applications that competition the REST constraints.