ASP NET MVC4 Mobile Website Succinctly

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ASP.NET book is for developers who are currently using Microsoft ASP.NET and MVC to create websites and those are concerned in creating websites that play nicely with mobile devices or want to update their existing site. ASP.NET book designed to be a quick read for developers and to help them understand the concepts they need to know to improve their websites when it comes to dealing with mobile devices.

In order to be able to follow along with all of the examples in ASP.NET book, reader will need the following tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 version or Visual Studio 2012

MVC 4, although most of this book targets MVC 4, Chapter 11 of this book addresses how can implement these concepts in MVC 3. ASP.NET book is based on the MVC 4 RTM version. If reader has something less than this list, you may or may not be able to run all of the examples. Throughout the ASP.NET book, reader will found and used several formatting conventions.