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Access 2010 Quick Reference Card description and working with Databases and Objects. To Create a Database, Click a template category in the list and click the template you want to use. Click Create or click the Blank Database button. To Open an Existing Database: Click a database in the Recent Database list or click Open and browse for it.

Access 2010 Database Objects

Tables store related data in rows (records) and columns (fields).

Queries view, filter, calculate, change, sort, and examine the info stored in tables.

Forms are custom screens offering a good way to enter and view data in a table.

Reports present data from a table or query in a published format.

Macros automate common tasks and can be run by clicking a key or pressing a shortcut key.

Modules are sets of procedures written in Visual Basic and used to automate tasks.

Page objects have been replaced by Windows Share point Services. Pages in old databases can still be considered however, not edited in Internet Explorer.

To Open an Object: Double-click the thing in the Navigation Pane.