25 Secrets For Faster ASP NET

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When this book is launched the predecessor to the book,  50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues, have no idea what a hit it would be. Significantly more than 15,000 got copy.

Rising adoption of MVC 4 and Web API means more new chances for performance improvements than you can shake a stick at, so this book adds a fistful of new methods for those technologies, all from members of the ASP.NET community.

In “25 Secrets For Faster ASP.NET” book you can learn to construct scalable websites and services, work asynchronously, where are custom performance counters?

Don’t call AsEnumerable on an assortment before using LINQ, web API tracing, database access, maximize of connection pooling by closing, SQLConnection when possible, be cautious of variable allocations, just how to stress test your public facing web application utilizing the cloud utilizing the keyword await doesn’t make the job asynchronous.

Switch off Change Tracking in Entity Framework, always use the compiled queries in Entity Framework, Diagnosing the JavaScript memory leaks with Chrome, monitoring memory consumption with time, use JValue in JSON.Net to parse complex JSON, objects that there isn’t POCO types for cache JavaScript and  CSS permanently, books from Red Gate and tools from Red Gate